What is Arcade '88?

888 collectable arcade cabinets running forever on Solana. Own an infinite playable arcade for your private metaverse or become an operator and place them in public worlds to generate passive tokens. We are powering the infinite arcade for all metaverses.

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Your local arcade hangout in the metaverse

Imagine the year is 1988 and the arcades are filled with gamers and excitement again. We want to recapture that energy with Arcade '88, available across metaverses everywhere.

Creating the infinite arcade

Harnessing open technologies and web standards, we are enabling the infinite arcade in the metaverse.

Our first social hang out experience is live in VR Chat. Drop your 3D NFT in supported metaverse platforms like Desolates, OnCyber or Solaris.

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888 unique 3D NFT collectables

What are 88A tokens?

Minted to reward O.G. holders and enable future utility, 88A tokens can be redeemed for NFTs and physical items such as branded merch or stickers. A redemption center is available in our Discord community.

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Join our growing community

What started as a unique NFT collectable is being parlayed into a larger community project. 888 unique arcade cabinets were fully minted on Nov. 19, 2021 on the Solana network, and then the real work begun. The Arcade '88 community is aiming to be the premiere retro gaming destination and collectable in the metaverse. Join us on the journey.

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